Job Openings


Project Manager

Characteristics Desired…

  • Multi-tasking wizard

  • Cool under stress – lives in the grind

  • Contracting / negotiation / estimating talents

  • Client relationship management

  • Embodies our corporate values

  • Proficient in schedule creation and management

  • Capable of managing at minimum 3 projects at a multi-million-dollar level

  • Family oriented

  • Faithful heart


Characteristics Desired…

  • Tough – Grit

    Early riser (Self Starter)

    Willing to be onsite 30 min early to plan the day and walk the job and prepare a successful week ahead       

  • Not only plan the day but understand the future of the project and plan accordingly

    2 week look ahead

    4-6 week look ahead

    Maintain an accurate up to date schedule

  • Is willing to learn and be challenged

  • Strives for excellence in everything

  • Safety oriented and Osha 10 — min. CPR/First Aid a must

  • 5 years experience, min.

  • Embodies our corporate values

  • Family oriented

  • Faithful heart

  • Organization and Cleanliness /and personal

  • Must run a tight ship

  • Cultivate daily progress downloads for subs. All arrive at 7:00am and “toolbox talk the day ahead” works for safety and planning

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