Westin Hotel Addition

This project involved an extensive expansion at the Westin Hotel & Conference Center. Advantageously, Evans had the opportunity to get involved early on in the design process. By working with the Owner and Architect from the very beginning, Evans was able to collaboratively develop the design based on real cost feedback and value engineering options. This allowed us to easily price out design options on the fly so that our clients could make educated choices that fit the style and budget they were looking to achieve.

For example, the team examined the pro’s and con’s of stair-stepping the exterior EFIS stucco versus the cost savings of a flat, linear application. In another discussion, by installing hollow metal doors versus storefront on the rear of the building, there was a potential for significant cost savings. “It’s definitely a benefit to get teamed up with a contractor early on in the process. Whatever the customer dreams up, we can price, and if it exceeds their budget, we can look at other options. This way they won’t end up with a set of plans for a project that costs way too much to build,” adds Chase Evans.

The project, completed in July of 2011, ultimately involved constructing an additional 9,842 square foot wing to the existing high-end hotel and conference center. Finishes of the highest quality seamlessly tied into the existing decor and the design implemented state-of-the-art data and communication infrastructure to accommodate sound and technology needs for the grand ballrooms and conference center.

Supporting an environmentally conscience design and the Westin’s corporate commitment to sustainable/green practices, Evans implemented infrastructure for electric car charging stations; and through a coordinated effort, was able to divert over 89% of the construction waste from landfills.

Working adjacent to an occupied facility, the project required that construction carefully cater to the needs of the tenants and the hotel. This included the installation of custom, temporary partitions to seamlessly conceal construction from guests using the existing conference space. In the end, all phases of the project were completed within the project budget, initial completion date was met, and all with high quality standards to match or surpass the existing construction. Utilizing this type of integrated project philosophy proves beneficial for all involved.