YMCA Multiple Locations

Chester YMCA


Starting with the construction of the original facility, Evans completed the last phase of the master plan in 2002. Design details included construction of a basketball gymnasium, multiple exercise and fitness rooms, heated indoor pool, locker rooms, bath facilities, elevated running track, nursery, and teen center. On the exterior, our crews developed multiple athletic and sports fields. The building was able to remain operational to serve its community members as we worked to complete all 4 phases of this 25,000 square foot facility.

Chickahominy YMCA

This 14,500 square foot community-focused wellness complex features an indoor pool, multiple fitness rooms, locker rooms, nursery, and social space. Built on a 2-phase schedule, the building continued to remain operational during the subsequent phase of construction.

Located just a short distance from the Evans office, we have been committed to supporting the needs of this neighboring, non-profit facility whenever needed. Having formed a long-standing relationship, volunteer work has included the installation of soccer fields, coordinating construction of the outside pavilion, resolving drainage issues, lending equipment, and installing a handicap accessible pool lift.