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Building With ExcellenCE

From exceptional quality to exceeding expectations, we take pride in every project we undertake, delivering lasting value and building strong client relationships based on trust.

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We construct storage units that epitomize durability, functionality, and affordability. Our seasoned experts collaborate with you to craft bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your requirements and financial plans.

Building Excellence

Our Core Values

Our core values of familial unity, relentless growth, client-centric service, pioneering innovation, and absolute excellence are the cornerstones of every groundbreaking project we undertake.

Sacred Craftsmanship

Building Sacred Spaces

Evans Construction brings reverence and meticulous craftsmanship to the construction of church facilities. We create spaces that resonate with spirituality and community, designed to welcome congregations in worship and fellowship.

Our HIstory

Building a Legacy of
Quality & Craftsmanship

Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, exceptional quality, and our ability to integrate design and construction expertise ensures a smooth and successful project delivery.

Building Excellence

Our Diverse Range of Expertise

At Evans, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of construction services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a legacy of excellence spanning three generations, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. Here's an overview of the services we offer:


self-Storage Solutions



Evans specializes in creating customized storage spaces, including storage units and warehouses. Our solutions maximize organization and security while optimizing space efficiency.


Church Construction


Church Construction

With many religious facility projects, Evans offers a design/build approach to deliver cost-effective, high-quality places of worship.


Retail, Office, & Recreational

Retail, Office, Rec

Retail, Office, & Recreation

Evans has a diverse portfolio that includes retail spaces, office buildings, and recreational facilities. They specialize in fast-track renovations and design/build tenant upfits, delivering projects on time and within budget.




Hospitality Construction

Evans excels in hotel and hospitality construction, maintaining a high-end, luxurious feel during renovations with minimal guest disruptions.


Medical & Assisted Living

Medical & assisted Living

Medical &
Assisted Living

Evans Construction understands the unique demands of medical and assisted living facilities. We deliver spaces that foster wellness and provide comfort, built with the precision and care these environments require.


Educational & Municipal

Edu & municipal

Educational & Municipal Facilities

Evans specializes in constructing modern educational facilities and municipal projects, including libraries, fire stations, and health centers.

"Throughout the project, everything was kept organized, on schedule, and with exceptional quality. The subcontractors for the project must have been some of the best of the best - their craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen throughout the building."

Gary Cole

The St. John Baptist Church

"We are so grateful to you for your conscientious craftsmanship and it was a pleasure working with you. We could not have asked for a better experience and we are completely delighted with the finished product. You are a part of transforming lives here and now. Thank you so much!"

Cynthia Stratton

Bon Air Christian Church

"Many members of our congregation did not have the ability to visualize from plans the way those of us who work with construction do. Creating the virtual tour and giving a presentation to our members was a big help."

Randall Clary

Hardy Central Baptist Church

"All phases of the project were completed within the project budget, the initial completion date was met, and all with high-quality standards."

Robert Reynolds

Reynolds Development

"From the very beginning, Evans was accommodating and friendly. This being our first project, they were more than willing to sit down with us and explain the process, timeframe, and how things work. Most people say that building anything is a stressful nightmare, but I am happy to report that our experience was easy and enjoyable."

Dr Alex White DDS

White & Thweatt Dentistry

"The Project managers present themselves in a professional and competent manner, and I have observed that they promote harmonious working relationships with the various subcontractors on site. These characteristics can be very important when dealing with many different people!"

Nelson C.Rancorn Jr

Wildman, Rancorn Wildman Architects PLC

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