Meet Our team

Evans Construction, a family-owned general contractor from Richmond, Virginia, believes in building more than just structures; we're committed to building strong team bonds. Our crew enjoys activities like skeet shooting, Topgolf, and gatherings around backyard pizza ovens. These events aren't just about fun; they're about fostering camaraderie and honing our team's precision and skill, both essential in our line of work. Join us in crafting architectural masterpieces and unforgettable memories beyond the construction site. Let's build together.

Chase Evans
Stuart Evans
Senior Vice President
Kim Berkley
Office Manager
Lisa Pappas
Contracts Administrator
Deane Flickinger
Media Specialist
Nathan Ragland
Project Manager
Wade Evans
Construction Superintendent
Warren Pratt
Construction Superintendent
Bobby Perkins
Construction Superintendent
Tyler Frederick
Construction Superintendent
Nicolis Malcomb
Construction Superintendent
Grover Taylor
Construction Superintendent
Walter Fulmer
Construction Superintendent
Doc Howard
Warehouse Manager