Richmond, VA

Bon Air Christian Church

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Based on historical records, this is one of only two remaining historical buildings in the quaint Bon Air community. Rich with history, this area was first developed as a resort with many structures built in Victorian-style architecture. The church dates back to 1882, so it was key that any expansion project would have to be thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with the existing facilities.

Taking a design-build approach to the project, the team designed a 4,500 square foot addition to hold new educational classrooms and a fellowship hall. Details included rich architectural finishes, trim and casework. Additionally, much emphasis was placed on recreating the historical exterior siding. Specifications called for ‘kiln-dried, knot-free’ cedar siding to meet architectural preservation guidelines. A material, that today, is extremely uncommon. This part of the project involved working with multiple suppliers throughout the country to secure just the right materials.

Richmond, VA
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