Heathsville, VA

Light of Christ Anglican Church

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We began working with the building committee for Light of Christ Anglican Church in the spring of 2014. When we first met with them, they had been working on the design of their new church for close to three years. They were on the third set of drawing revisions, and unfortunately, on a third round of bidding. Needless to say, they were frustrated, and still a million dollars over budget.

Immediately after taking an in-depth look at the plans, we were able to offer value-engineering solutions that could ultimately help bring the project within budget. Working with 3-D rendering programs, we were able to show the committee first-hand how architectural choices would impact the design. Furthermore, we could show how different design scenarios would impact the budget. With this approach, we were able to analyze building features, price individual options and explore substitute materials at every phase. Through our process of client-centric meetings that focused on real dollar and cents budget talks, we were able to develop a plan to build their church within the original budget goal without compromising the initial vision for the project.

The church includes a 180-seat sanctuary, narthex, parish hall, kitchen, library, choir room, classroom space, and church offices. Architectural details include custom-designed moldings, banisters, large 2-story windows, and an impressive 80-foot church tower.

Heathsville, VA
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